Personal Stories

News from our Design Thinking Research Program

The last two days I had the pleasure of getting updated again what has happened in 2014 within our research program. The range of topics, which are examined within this small community is very broad – as is design thinking. All of them are important but some – at least for me – are outstanding. So here is my very subjective and retitled list of current projects that I really liked:

Augmented reality wound care with Google Glass

Exploring interaction pattern for the upcoming (and moving!) Internet of things

Enabling fast electronic tiny task prototyping a.k.a. build stuff in seven seconds

How to measure design thinking, creative agency and output?

Exiting stuff! Looking forward to March 2015 and the next meeting in Stanford. Became also a fan of Susanne Katharina Asheuer: She captured the essences of all these wild and diverse presentations in her great graphic recordings. Oh, in case you’re interested in our contribution: We talked about different ways of design thinking appropriation.