Selection of Projects, Workshops and Speaking Engagements

    This is an overview of projects and speaking engagements I have been involved in recently:


    • Co-design and co-facilitation of the Voith Innovation Lab Kick-off Boostcamp together with the Education Innovation Lab, Berlin, Germany
    • Co-development of a new course format “Design Thinking and Agile Methods” for the HPI Academy, Potsdam, Germany
    • Facilitation of a customer co-creation day for a major German bank, Karlsruhe, Germany
    • Workshop sessions on “Storytelling in Design Thinking” and “Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Agile” at d.Confestival 2017, Potsdam, Germany
    • S-D Logic talk “Es gibt keine Produkte, nur Service” at UX-Day 2017, Mannheim, Germany
    • Design Methods Toolkit Analysis and Toolkit Requirement Analysis Workshop for and with a major German car manufacturer (in cooperation with HPI Academy)
    • Design Thinking Boostcamp for Infineon BEX, Munich, Germany
    • Facilitation of the module “Service Design” at Heitger Change Essentials 2017, Vienna, Austria
    • Data collection for new book project and knowledge exchange at DTX, Austin, TX, USA
    • Design Sprint for a German healthcare manufacturer, Berlin, Germany
    • Co-facilitation of a reflection talk and discussion together with Abraham Taherivand: “Design Thinking Revisited — The Interplay of Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Agile Methods” for a leading German innovation consultancy, Berlin, Germany


    • “What is Design Thinking?” talk with Karen von Schmieden for the Cube Design Museum lecture series during the Dutch Design Week Eindhoven , NatLab, Eindhoven, Netherlands
    • Co-facilitation and participation in the “DTX Meeting” at Procter & Gamble, Cincinnati, OH, USA
    • “Design Thinking in the Wild” inspirational talk at Centiro, Borås, Sweden
    • “Design Thinking ‘Implementation’ – Best Practice” presentation at a knowledge exchange meeting with former Chalmers Innovation Playground participants, Gothenborg, Sweden
    • Interactive workshop lecture “Design Thinking Synthesis – Fast Forward” at Chalmers University, Center for Business Innovation, Gothenborg, Sweden, Course: Design Thinking and Innovation
    • Expert presentations on the ‘interconnection of innovation methodologies and innovation capability building’ at professional trainings of HPI Academy, Potsdam, Germany
    • Steering of the co-development/formulation of a design thinking legitimization narrative for a German DAX corporation in cooperation with Diffferent, Berlin, Germany
    • Train-the-trainer leadership coaching and strategy consulting for German design and management consulting companies, which are in the process of establishing design thinking capabilities for themselves and their clients
    • Facilitation of different ideation, design thinking, design synthesis and design thinking capability scoping workshops for a variety of organizations in cooperation with design and management consultancies
    • Presentation and discussion: “Strategizing with Service as Business Logic” at the Service Design Drinks @ Factory, Berlin, Germany
    • Presentation and discussion: “What Are You Design Thinking About?” at HPI ‘Connect & Do Day 2016’ for alumnae of the Design Thinking Professional Track, Potsdam, Germany
    • Co-facilitation and participation in “DTX Meeting” at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York City, NY, USA



    • “Circular Economy in the EU”: Inaugural meeting with Europe’s CE pioneers, Circle Economy, Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • Co-facilitation of a “Circular Economy Workshop” at Kongress für Kreatives Unternehmertum, Vitra, Weil am Rhein, Germany
    • Teaching engagement “Design Synthesis” at Chalmers University, Center for Business Innovation, Gothenborg, Sweden
    • Creative knowledge share “Service Innovation with S-D Logic”, Sturm & Drang, Hamburg, Germany
    • Co-conception and execution of diverse internal and external coachings and trainings for IT and FMCG companies, HPI Academy, Potsdam, Germany
    • HPDTRP community building workshops, Stanford CA, USA / Potsdam, Germany
    • Strategic support of a merger process, Softgarden, Berlin, Germany


    2012 (Research Sabbatical)

    • Research sabbatical on “Value Creation and Perception”
    • “Business Modeling for Designers”, Service Design Drinks, Berlin, Germany
    • Input sessions “How to use the Business Model Canvas”, Global Sustainability Jam, Berlin, Germany
    • User research installation “Rethinking Garbage”, BMW Guggenheim Lab, Berlin, Germany
    • Guest lecture on “Waste Innovations” in the design thinking term course, Berlin University of Applied Sciences, Germany
    • Finished masters thesis “Innovating User Value: The Interrelations of Business Model Innovation, Design (Thinking) and the Production of Meaning – A Status-quo of the Current State of Research”, Zeppelin University, Friedrichshafen


    • “GlobalWasteIdeas – Best Practice in ‘Waste Innovations'”, Global Sustainability Jam, Berlin, Germany
    • “Best Practice in ‘Waste Innovations'”, Micro Energy International, Technical University Berlin, Germany
    • Diverse coachings for German and English agencies and consultancies (topics: UxD, SD, BMI, DT)

    prior to 2011